Enuma Elish
The Quest for Gold

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Prelude Jan/Marco
Cherub 1:
A cold wind blows
Rain keeps falling down and down and down again

Cherub 2:
We can't deny
That all we know and all we loved will die

Cherub 1:
I'm afraid
Our king has lost his last chance as he failed

Cherub 2:
Hail the king!
The old king bears a new hope as he

Found what shines so bright
Will save our lives
Hail king Anu! Hail king Anu! Hail King Anu!

The quest for gold
To planet earth
What are its means?
What is it worth?

But for my home
I'll be bold
I'll give my life
- I've been told

I need men to join my ride
I need men to stand beside
Join me on my way to earth
Join to save our home

The journey's long
The voyage hard
I'll miss my home
I am to guard

It's sparkle seems
So far away
I'll be back
One precious day

Interlude Marco

I see this planet dying, it's end has come to sight
We wonder why this happened, why it rains all the night

Yes, father I will go and try to save all of our kind
I'll lead these sixty men and I'll leave my home behind

If gold is the answer, I'll bring it here
To stop the radiation, while death is near
Our next stop is named Eridu


Solo Marco/Daniel/Marco


Ki you ancient Tiamat
Mutilated by impact
Carry in your oceans sea
The remedy to our desease

Coda Calvin/Georg