Enuma Elish

Have you ever asked yourself what is true and what is fiction in old religions? Was it all fantasy? What was the intention to write the Bible? Were there real human encounters with gods? Or are these stories just fairy tales?

Let me tell you a story how it actually could have taken place a long long time ago, here, on planet Earth. Join me on a musical journey to human's past, based on the deliverances of our ancestors. Based on Enuma Elish, the epic of creation.

Like Victor Hugo said: »Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.«

summer 2008


The metal opera Enuma Elish is based on the babylonian myth of creation of the same name. Written in approx. 12th century B.C. in cuneiform on seven clay tablets, it was the pattern for the Genesis of the Hebrew Bible.

These tablets were found in the middle 19th century in the ruins of the palace of Ashurbanipal in Nineveh.

Though the Enuma Elish names Marduk as the highest god (who was, in fact, a son of Enki), a similar earlier version in ancient Sumerian exists. Unlike the Genesis, it is able to name the gods who are involved in the creation of mankind and the reasons for their decision.

Based on this, the metal opera Enuma Elish was written by Marco Nassenstein between summer 2006 and a date far far in the future.

Read more about Enuma Elish on Marco's website (german).

Marco Nassenstein, born 1979, was the songwriter and guitarist of the german Rock band Anudu and metal combo »Powerslave«. His musical endeavour started back in 1998, when he founded the band that published 4 studio albums to date before it split up.

Read more about Marco at Anudu.n7.eu (german).

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